I wrote a thing!

My first piece is up on the Greenhouse blog, link here. It’s called “Navigating a Mess: Three Steps to Revamping Your Broken Talent Processes” and it’s my step-by-step guide to how I’ve navigated problematic recruiting practices in my own career.

In my decade of recruiting experience, I’ve worked for an organization that still used an entirely paper-based candidate tracking system (hello filing cabinets!). In another role, I joined a team that didn’t trust any of its recruiting data. When I first realized these challenges, I felt disappointed, overwhelmed, and even a little mad! But in hindsight, my experiences of turning tricky and ineffective situations into something great are some of the highlights of my career so far.

If you’re in the recruiting space or if you’re facing a challenging mess in your role, these steps may help you step back, realize that others have been there, and assess the best way to move forward. Check it out!